Saturday, June 11, 2016


Today was my birthday and it was a different one. I am glad to have been born, but will admit not always being a fan of when my birthday is. Summer vacation is still new and everyone is vacationing or at the pool and it has always been one that has been regularly and frequently forgotten. And that hurts, but oh wah wah wah. My kids just came back from an experience teaching them that sometimes people forget what it is like to eat and feel good and feel hope. Shame on me. My husband did a great job making a birthday feast this evening and the children were sweet with their gifts: a YETI coffee cup, a beautiful oven mitt made by Ugandan women and a bracelet made in Ecuador. My brother and sister in law brought wonderful food for the feast and gave me lovely cards and a gift. An embarrassment of riches for sure. Lord forgive me when I whine....

But I think the kids did not really count the candle they put on the cake. I think they put a few extra on there...

Night all.
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