Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mystery bird family

I have always loved to watch birds. I guess I get it from my grandmother. She used to lean on the counter near her kitchen sink and look out the window at the birds. "Jenny Wren? Look at the cardinals out there...aren't they just glorious?". Her nickname for me was "Jenny Wren". My dad and mom have always loved watching the different birds, so it has just passed on down. For almost ten years, we had a little decorative bird house that had a little chickadee family living in it. We would sit on our patio and watch the mom and dad feed them and chat with each other and grump at us if we got too close. It was wonderful. But the house they were in was never meant to be an actual birdhouse, but more like a decoration on our shed door. So it fell apart...luckily after the babies had learned to fly and were gone. We put the house back together, but they never came back. We still see them around, just not in that house. The boy wanted a project and wanted to see birds back, so we got him a little kit at Wild Birds Unlimited and he built it and hung it in a tree. What a wonderful surprise I had last week when I found that a new family had taken up residence for us to observe. The problem is, I cannot figure out what kind of bird it is. It is too fast for me to get a good picture of it. It is little like a chickadee, but dark brown with a black tail. Anyone have any ideas? We want to read about it and know what the best things are to feed them. Whatever kind of bird it is, we are so excited. The little babies sound so cute when their parents bring them food. They are really mouthy. Love it!

Night all.

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