Friday, June 17, 2016

Afternoon of science

As a part of my job, I have had to plan some play dates with the preschool, or freshly preschool graduated, children of our church. Every Thursday, the playground has been open for children and their grown ups to come play and visit with other friends. We've also scheduled two off site play dates, one that was today. We went to the local library to watch a chemistry magic show by Dr. Al Hazari from the University of Tennessee. He's a jovial and a little bit gruff man in a rainbow lab coat who teaches the kids about basic chemistry ideas and demonstrates those with exciting experiments. The boy desperately wanted to get called on to be a helper, but his sister got called instead...and she wasn't even supposed to be there. She helped him teach about Boyle's Law with a bottle of water and a ketchup packet:

Currently, we are watching the PERvCOL Copa game. Everyone is in varying states of couch draping with I think three conked. The rest will be following soon. Until then...

Night all.
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