Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So very worried

We received devastating news today about my uncle. He got to go home Monday and we were all so very hopeful and excited and thrilled. Today, he went back to the hospital with extreme weakness. They did blood work and gave him the results of his latest bone marrow test. His blast cells(the leukemia ones)had been at 30% when this all started. Today they found out that the second round of chemo did not do its job and the blast cells are up to 55%. The cancer has become more aggressive and drastic action must be taken. He will be going to MD Anderson or Duke in the next few weeks for clinical trials/treatment and consultation. PLEASE pray that they can find the right combination. Pray for my aunt and for his sisters and his children. It is just the blow we weren't expecting. I still believe God is in al of this and he has a plan. I just have to remember that.

Thanks to all my dear readers.

Night all.

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