Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Two things and then I am going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. One, I did not get a dinner made for tonight and the kids had soccer practice until eight, so the hub took the boy home and G and I ran through a drive thru. Whilst in said drive through, I had the window down and was singing "One Call Away" with my daughter when I had a weird feeling. Have you ever felt someone staring at you before actually catching them staring at you? Well, I looked over and there was a girl filming me singing and laughing. As soon as I looked in her direction, she stopped and immediately I saw her pressing send to post it. You know, I get it that it is funny, a large red headed woman belting out a Charlie Puth song, but come on. And it creeped my child out..."I was in there too! Who will see that, Mom? Do they know us?". If someone wants to do that to me, so be it, but don't film my child without my permission. Not cool.

Thing two: my children get in the strangest arguments right before bed. Tonight was no different. The two youngers were having a go about something when I heard the boy yell, "GIVE ME BACK MY KAZOO!!!". When it was obviously returned with force, I heard, "DON"T THROW MY KAZOO! THAT IS MADE OUT OF GOOD PLASTIC!". There you go.

Night all.

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