Monday, June 13, 2016

Snack attackin'

The boy drew the long straw(or the short one if you play it that way)and had to go with me shopping today. Once again, I am doing VBS snacks and the time is nigh that panicked purchasing Of supplies must begin. So the poor kids was dragged through every nook and cranny of Sam's looking for stuff. Thank goodness for the free sample kiosk that spit out an extra treat when we swiped my card. Girl Scout cookie flavored Nestle Crunch Crisps. Shopping trip for the boy? Totally worth it. That and he got the most magnificent dot to dot book that has artistic masters' faces as the dot to dot goal. The one he's working on now may have 1,000+ dots to connect. That should keep him busy for a while. The boy helped shop and helped unload the fifty million items into my office. He's a keeper.

Night all.

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