Saturday, June 18, 2016

Berry tired

The boy has been begging to go to the Fruit and Berry Patch for all of break, so we finally got out there today. The blackberries were coming in like gangbusters and we loaded son is a berry picking master. It was hot, but we persisted and also picked half a bushel of peaches as well. The boy's efforts were rewarded with a fresh fruit slush and a fried pie.

We got home and I commenced to cleaning the berries and getting ready to make some pies. After living a life filled with my Granny's pies and my mom's pies, there is no way I can come close to making anything close, but I tried. Today's efforts seemed to be better than I had anticipated. I was so sick of being in the kitchen that, honestly, I couldn't eat any...the smell of blackberries was haunting me. But I am pleased, at least, with how it looked:

Between pie success and the boy and his friend finding a frog, it was a good day:

Night all.
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