Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fresh Market Frenzy

After S's soccer game got cancelled when we were halfway to Athens, we turned around and started home. Since we were in a part of town that we usually don't get to very often, we chose to go on a hunt for some special extra spicy ginger ale that my uncle loves. We figured it would be a treat and help settle his stomach should he experience nausea...which we know he will eventually. One of the places we went was The Fresh Market, which carries several types. Big mistake. Three children, hungry and seeing delights that are not always available at their local grocery store and tired parents who were easily swayed: not a good combination. We came home with everything but ginger ale. They were like hungry wolves pouncing on a chicken. It was ugly. We have finally located some diet spicy ginger ale at Mast General Store and plan to procure some tomorrow. If he likes it, then we can order him a larger quantity online.

It has been a long day and I have to work tomorrow. Time to take some Mucinex and go to bed.

Night all.

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