Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Compound time

Every so often, the kids come home with heartaches and woes that make us as parents want to leave the city, build a compound and live off the land. Today was one of those days. With one sick and one who missed an opportunity by two points and then got humiliated in front of the class by a boy with cruel comments, I am ready for the summer to come and school to end for the year. They need to be away from each other. Life happens and these bumps in the road will only serve to enrich their overall story in the long run. I understand, but it sucks to have to parent to that. Hopefully this lesson, in a long line of other lessons, will be the fire in the belly that motivates for the better. I will say that with one of my children, I admire the heck out her(I admire all of them don't get me wrong)and the fact that she steps into a classroom, works as hard a she does, accomplishes as much as she does with the differences in learning that she has. She has not one teacher who understands how she learns or attempts to gain understanding and yet she walks in there every day with her head held high and works with materials and surroundings that are not even close to a fair equivalent. She is wicked smart and is destroyed when opportunities are snatched from her grasp and the end result is that peers deem her not smart enough. Fires me up. I'm going to go punch the punching bag for a while.

Night all.

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