Friday, April 8, 2016

Kicking off missions

Tonight we kicked off our Mission's Weekend with a tasty meal and some wonderful speakers. A friend and I came in this morning to help make lasagna and butter the garlic bread to get things prepared early. It was kind of funny, because neither of us eat cheese and we were covered in the cheese goo and shredded mozzarella. We powered through.

I was really exited tonight to get to meet Ray Buchanan, the founder of Stop Hunger Now. Tomorrow will be out third year doing a SHN packing event and it is quite an honor to have him with us for the event. His vision to end world hunger is one I admire and agree is possible. To have the hunger issue be something my grandchildren only know about by reading it in a history book would be a fantastic thing. Tomorrow, our church will help take a swipe at poverty and bag 40,000 meals. I can't wait.

I'll recap the event tomorrow. Going to try and fight insomnia tonight.

Night all.

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