Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Good grief, lady!

Work day today. I'm not sure what this says, but the heat was messed up in the room where we have staff meeting. Everybody was burning up and about to die. It felt wonderful to me. I'm usually an ice cube in there, so I was happy as a clam. When I left, I decided to go to a new branch of a restaurant that has opened close to us. They have tasty burgers and shakes and I was looking forward to my Tuesday lunch out after work. I pulled up the driveway and started towards the drive through when all of a sudden my car jerked and I heard an awful noise. I put the car in park and got out to see what had happened. A lady in a van had backed into me in her rush to get out of her parking spot. She got out of her van, gave me a dirty look and walked away. I went back to get my license and insurance and walked back out. "Are you okay? I am and I don't have time to sit in this parking lot and wait for someone. I have to get to work. My husband can buff the little mark out of. My bumper." I went to look at my car's damage. Lots of scrapes but not dents. "I'm okay. This is the damage to my car here." "Well if you are okay..." She got into her car and left. So that's that. I debated about whether or not to tell the hub and bother him with it. I wasn't trying to keep it from him, well, maybe I was. It is a 12-13 year old vehicle. The more I ran through the incident, the more I got angry for being made to feel like it was my fault. It was not. I told him and he wasn't angry. I knew he wouldn't be. I'm just a weirdo like that.

After that and a crazy day, I am going to watch a show and go to bed...before I get in another mess.

Night all.

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