Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I need to chill

I didn't get to watch one of my favorite shows(The Blacklist)last week and decided this morning was the time to catch up. My father had been telling me that it was intense and I needed to watch it ASAP. So whilst folding socks, I reduced myself to a pool of blubbering goo as I watched grown men and a pregnant woman and then an emergency birth and people trying to kidnap the mama and then men crying and a cute baby...all scored perfectly to the best tunes the situation would demand. I didn't just cry. I wept hard, like I had lost my puppy or something. Good grief. I need to get a grip, but I'm afraid I can't, because tomorrow's episode is supposed to be worse. Maybe I shouldn't watch it, but Iknow better than that. Red and a grieving Tom with baby Agnes will be too enthralling to skip.

Night all.

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