Monday, April 11, 2016

Special Soccer Surprise

It's a Monday. It turned into a gray and then misty/rainy Monday evening. Not so fun. S was not feeling the best and not really wanting to go to soccer practice. The hub called and said that even with the rain practice was still on for this evening. Bad attitudes were on both of us. I didn't want her to be out in the rain and get sick just in time to take her AP exam or all the other countless school obligations she has coming up...BUT we went. The coach had told the hub they were going to have some speakers come. Okay. We got to the fields and sat in the car for a bit. Then several cars with out of state plates parked in front of us. Out of these cars came beautiful, toned, similarly dressed ladies. They brought with them cones and pennies and collapsible goals. I kept thinking a couple of them looked familiar. Next thing we know, S and her coach's two team are practicing with the Lady Vol's soccer team. Pretty cool. S's group got to work with Hannah Wilkinson, Olympian and World Cup player from New Zealand. All of that made a dreary Monday evening practice worth it after all. Thank goodness for surprises.

Night all.

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