Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mean mom on a Sunday

I win the mean mom award. I really win it every day, but I certainly did today. The poor kids were exhausted from yesterday's games and activity, so I imagine they were looking for some lazy time this afternoon after they got home from church. Instead, I made them clean their rooms and other areas to prepare for a busy next two weeks. That went over like a...fill in the blank. It looks much nicer and cleaner, I'll have to say. I hope one day they will appreciate this, but they certainly don't now. Can't blame them.

The hub did a lovely job of grilling this evening. I don't know where the children have gotten this love from, but they LOVE wings. Neither my husband or I can take wings. I love chicken, but I do not want to contend with a bunch of tendons and fat and stuff. Those kids will strip those bones clean. I don't get it. I have lots of friends who love them with a passion. I will gladly give my share away. Anyway, the hub grilled wings for them tonight and they were a hit. He grilled London Broil for us. It was a hit. We dined outside which was a hit. faer we cleaned up from dinner, we forgot a visit from a runaway dog, Sophie, who had escaped to our house before. We took a family trip a street over to return her to her owner. The owner had absolutely no idea she was gone. Sure glad we recognized her!

I'm going to get my teeth brushed and hunker down in bed. I am frozen. My condolences to those who watch The Walking Dead as I have heard that it is going to be a rough season finale. I don't watch it, so I will be watching a movie for about 30 seconds before I conk out.

Night all.

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