Saturday, April 16, 2016

What a day...

The day started off innocently enough. The girls and Nana and I went to the mall for a quick trip to try and find some Spring clothes. The girls are sprouting faster than the clothes can keep up with, so we had to go searching. We had a modicum of success and returned to eat lunch and go our separate ways for soccer games. The poor boy played back to back games and was spent by the end of the afternoon. We all caravaned back towards home with Sarah and me in the front car. We were stopped in traffic waiting for the string of cars to go when BAM we were knocked silly. We were in the front of a three car crunch. Two trucks rear ended us to make for a loud crash, a huge crunch and a big mess. While my car looked the least outwardly damaged, there is more to the back door and underneath then is visible I'm afraid. S was naturally freaked out and scared. I was also. I've never had an accident with one of the kids in the car. It was scarier than I thought it would be. I am sore, but thank God for seatbelts.

Tomorrow is a big day for G, so I am hitting the hay and going to bed. I'm exhausted.

Night all.

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