Saturday, April 9, 2016

What a wonderful day

Today has been quite a full, but exciting day and my feet are feeling it. This morning, our church packed 40,000+ meals to be sent to around the world to feed starving children. Ray Buchanan, the founder of Stop Hunger Now, spoke to us this morning before each session and inspired us to work to stop hunger in our lifetime. He said that in our world right now, there is enough food to feed each person on the planet approximately 4lbs of food each day. Instead, 20,000 of our brothers and sisters die each day. While not all of it is from poverty, it is from preventable situations. We were all convicted to work and continue the ministry of Stop hunger Now and Society for St. Andrew(another one of his organizations he created with friends). So we packed and hit the gong and sang and dance and dumped rice and soy and dried veggies and packets and took a swing at knocking out hunger.

Later, I went to the closing service to wrap up the lock-in weekend for the confirmands at our church. The boy and the hub travelled to Cookeville for a soccer tourney and then were en route back. While G and her friends will be confirmed next Sunday, they spent the weekend together learning and joking and serving and worshipping. It ended with some words from their confirmation mentors and seventh grade peers and then a foot watching ceremony. Now, I will be quite honest. I have been involved in a foot washing ceremony and it has always made me uncomfortable...but then I think it is supposed to in a way. The disciples sure felt uncomfortable when Jesus wanted to wash their feet. But to watch these young ladies and men go up and have their mentors wash their feet and care for them and let them know they are loved, well, I was searching for my purse size pack of Kleenex. I am grateful for the time spent with not only my child, but all the children. I am excited for next weekend and for the journey she and her friends start in finding out what God has planned for their lives.

My heart is full and my legs are tired.

Night all.

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