Sunday, May 1, 2016

Focus trouble

Today was another day of work with the little ones who always have funny things to say. They were able to take my focus off of the reality of being a grown up and hone in on playing with Legos and fake food and water colors. The afternoon brought with it soccer games and missions meetings. Those were all fine, but my mind was not there. My sweet blog readers are going to tire quickly of the same worries over and over, but I can't help myself right now. The chemo's side effects are making my uncle sick and he has a fever and a cough. I can only ask and beg for prayer for him and for my aunt. She has yet to leave him and I know she must be absolutely exhausted. We all have to stay out so we won't bring anything in to get him sicker. It is just an awful mess. I think they could do with any encouragement and humor they could get. If you would like to send a card, you don't even have to put your real name, you can send it in care of the blog PO Box:

Uncle D c/o
Please Don't Kiss the Dog Blog
P.O. Box 18347
Knoxville, TN 37928

I am compiling a notebook and envelope to get to him in a little bit. The kids are working on some things so he has lots to look at while he's in the hospital.

The boy is needing a back scratch, so mom duty calls. Have a great evening!

Night all.

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