Thursday, April 21, 2016

Attack of the wormy trees

In this corner of the world where we live, it is like the allergy epicenter. Any store or school or parking lot sounds like a flipping TB ward and my house is no exception. With two already on antibiotics for allergies gone rogue, we are a scary sounding house. I have never wanted to wear a mask on my face to work in the yard(my first experience of being in labor required me to have an oxygen mask on and I felt like it was choking me rather than helping the stressed out baby in the birth of my many weird issues). So like an idiot, I didn't wear one mowing on Monday and, when I was trying to be sneaky and blow the driveway off while spying on the Comcast guy who had disrupted online research for Sunday School. I used our blower and tried to battle the droppings from what I have termed the "wormy tree". If anyone knows what it actually is, I would love to know. This is my very pathetic depiction of what the droppings look like on our driveway:

I blew those things off the driveway and patio and I think I snorted 3/4 of the little peppery seeds up my nose. I feel the sinus crud approaching quickly, so I will soon join the mucousy hackers unless Mucinex and the neti pot and I can wage a successful war first.

We shall see, friends. We shall see.

Night all.
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