Friday, April 29, 2016

He's in there

My uncle is in the hospital and getting settled. He had his port put in today and is receiving his first dose of chemo sometime this evening...may have had it already. It will be three days of one kind and then 7 days of another. Then they'll check his bone marrow at day 14 and see how it is reacting. They will have to do a bone marrow transplant, but I have not received that info yet. It is all going so terribly fat, but it sure sounds like time is of the essence. This demon that is attacking him is working quickly and they need to come out with guns a blazin'.

I would like to see him, but that will not happen until I am well. I mowed the lawn this evening and the hub ran the weedeater. I think I once again snorted up half the pollen in our fair city. I'm surprised yellow powder doesn't come out when I sneeze. I am currently searching for a breathe right strip so I can breathe until I go to sleep. I'm sure the "buzz saw potential" is high for sleep tonight.

Keep those prayers coming for my uncle. If you don't pray, positive thoughts and energy. We want to keep his spirits up!

Thanks so much, my three faithful followers.

Night all.

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