Thursday, April 7, 2016

Track meeting in the wind

Jeepers was it windy today! The wind chimes were going crazy outside and my lunch, dining in front of the television, was peppered with the sounds of twigs and branches hitting the roof and windows. A few sounded large enough that I thought about going outside, but I stayed inside...more because I didn't want to get hit by something bigger than what I heard. The boy and I went exploring after we got home from school and found a yard full of twigs. We'll be having a stick picking party before I can mow again. It's like a mine field out there. G had a track meet today in the windy world and it got weird. I felt so sorry for the runners out there who were running against the wind. Ha. If only Bob Seger had been there to sing for them. Even the discus throwers had an interesting time. If the wind blew their way, it was great. We left before any placements were announced, so I hope she finds something out tomorrow. Her longest throw today was 60'6". Not her longest, but a pretty good throw for a windy type of day.

Tomorrow I will be helping with the dinner that kicks off our Missions weekend at church. Saturday we will be packaging 40,000 meals with Stop Hunger Now. I am very excited about it. It is always a nerve wracking process leading up to it to see if we have enough funds and enough people to work each shift. My brother is a very patient man to be the contact man and organizer for it each year. I know he will be relieved to have it done. Ray Buchanan, the founder of SHN, will be speaking to our church and participating in our packaging event. G will also be participating in her confirmation lock in this weekend. Next Sunday, she will be confirmed. This is a big time in her life and the lives of her friends. I am so very excited for them.

I am going to snuggle up to my warm, non-windburned husband and watch The Blacklist. Night all.

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