Monday, April 25, 2016

Funny boy

The time is almost here for the Off Broadway Kids' Spring musical and, let me tell you, I am ready. If you are available, come see them perform on Wednesday at 6:30. My son is a surfer dude and he is hysterical. I may be a little biased. It is a very cute show for sure.

I guess I need to get the kids to bed soon. Tomorrow starts the most hated time of the year for parents, teachers and students alike. State testing. The boy is the exception in that he likes testing days...he enjoys the relaxed time after testing is over for the day. Whatever gets him through. For G, this is a frustrating time of the year. I have really tried to stay off my soapbox about this stuff, because I felt like I wore everyone out with my rants. I still truly believe that these tests have been designed without a single thought for children with learning differences. And, again, learning difference does not mean unintelligent. Quite the contrary. These tests are not an accurate assessment of my child's abilities, yet her worth in our school system is judged on how she scores. Criminal. Honestly, I really can't imagine that her job interviewer when she graduates college is going to pass her over because of her TN Ready scores in middle school. But yet the teachers are beaten down to get the highest scores and the kids are scared to death with what might happen if scores are high enough. I will send them to school and have them take the tests. But I know that life will go on if a child does not take the tests. Our oldest had mono and was in the hospital for a week and missed both test days and make up days. Guess what? The world did not end. She was an honor student and has done fine.

Stepping off soapbox.

Night all.

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