Monday, April 4, 2016

I need to chill out

The boy had his track meet today with elementary school. He is sack racing super kid. Unfortunately for him, he got a great lead and then fell. But he got back up, passed three or four other people and placed in the top six. I was sick for him, but so proud that he got back up and kept going. His gym teacher was pleased as well. He is so hard on himself that it may take a while for him to let it go, but hopefully he will soon. His buddy B placed fourth, so he was happy for him. Later on at scouts, they had to build a tool box from a kit. The kit was chintzy and cheaply made. My hat is off to Home Depot, because their kits are always well made with good quality wood. My poor boy, who has built about 50 of those kits, struggled to assemble this one. Shame on you, BSA, for you cheaply made and overpriced kits. By the end of the meeting and build, I needed a special additive to my caffeine free Diet Coke and something to take my temper down a notch. The boy was trying to build his, alongside boys who sat while their dads put their s together. Arrrgghhh. I just wanted something to go well for him this afternoon. He is so positive, though, even in his disappointment. I am truly a blessed mom. He is the tops.

I'm going to go give him a hug and kiss and thank him for the gift he is...and then take a chill pill.

Night all.

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