Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Update from the Back Patient

Hey there Neighbor! I thought I would give you an update since my back surgery on 7/21. I am doing very well.

- I walked 1.2 miles today in under 21 minutes tonight.
- I am off pain medicines.
- I can stand without the leg or back that plagued me before surgery.
- I am still building up stamina.
- I have a supportive wife and family through my back pain.

-Nothing really. I wish I was full speed, but this is a healing process that takes time.

Here is the XRay image of my back. There are four Pedicle Screws and 2 rods made from a Titatium alloy. The pedicle is part of the vertabrae. The metal provides a support scaffolding while the 2 vertabrae fuse together.

I am anxious to get back to a normal routine and go back to work full-time. I am very blessed with decent insurance and wonder medical leave plan.

Special thanks to my wife for supporting me through my walk through purgatory with back pain.

Please remember to "Be kind; each of us is fighting their own tough battle." That battle could be back pain, school difficulties, family issues, cancer, alcoholism, depression, work issues, etc. I have gained a lot of empathy for people who suffer. I am a firm believer that pain does make your stronger, and grows your perseverance.

I found this a few days ago and found it made several key points about perseverence, uncertainty, darkness, and fairness.


Hope you enjoyed the musings of the back patient!

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