Friday, August 8, 2014

Meetin' and Greetin'

Tonight was a big night in our house. It was Meet and Greet night at the elementary school tonight. Tensions were high...they knew who their teachers were and were excited, but my picture of their class lists were fuzzy at best. They needed to know who of their friends were in class with them. "It's a big deal, Mom." We had meticulously labeled every last glue stick and crayon box and had bagged them up to deposit in classrooms. The hub was even getting to come...a big deal! After arriving at school, they kind of forgot that it takes him a bit longer to walk than normal and the anticipation was killing them. Thankfully we got inside fairly quickly and the reunions began. Because I am about as social as landscaping timber, it is always hard for me to know what to say and feel comfortable in a sea of people. It all went well and I even survived.

We have now had dinner and are snuggled up watching something on a children's network. I'll take it. Life is good.

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