Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sweet baby hugs

Today we had a MOPS meeting at our church. I had intended to just stay for a bit to try and help get people and children where they needed to be and sort out diaper bags and loveys and put name stickers on backs and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Well, the best laid plans and all that stuff, you know? So instead, I had the terribly difficult(cough cough)job of holding babies for the morning. Even when they are sad and wanting their mamas, there is something about holding a 5-6month little bundle of cuteness that just lowers one's blood pressure and puts into perspective all the baloney we deal with every day. I was a bit tired and suffering a bit of hearing loss from one particular little friend who was fighting her nap, but it was a good morning. I felt privileged to be trusted with someone's most precious possession and was glad to help give some of these moms a break so they could fellowship and just breathe. Plenty of kind people did it for me. I'll gladly return the favor. And I learned one thing: I still have the rock and pat rythym down to put a little one to sleep. Comes back in a snap.

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