Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is it only week two?

I can't believe it is week two of school. After the first week, it already feels like we have been in school for a month. I must say that I am dreading the first project assignment to come home. Will it be a diorama? An essay? A book report? Whatever it is, it'll get done. I think most of my regular three readers know that I love a good diorama. My ultimate dream is to compete or at least be a judge in the Peeps diorama contest sponsored by the Washington Post. We can add it to my bucket list of "Oddities I would like to witness".

On a completely different note, today was an exciting day at church. I know that I have some readers who are not big on the wole church scene. I get it. A lot of pretty awful things have been done in the name of church or God. Fortunately for me in my life, things have been more positive than negative and I feel that church is my second family. Anyway, today was the time when all second graders got their new bibles. In our church, the four year olds receive their very first bible that contains many of the most well known stories of the Old and New Testaments in storybook form. Big print...colorful illustrations. I think the boy had the story of Samson memorized on day one. The bible he received today is the whole shebang complete with all the books. He stood up there in front of the congregation like a little man, took that book from one of the ladies of the UMW and held it so very tight. I pray that he will use his new gift as a guide on how to be a man, a son, a brother, a friend and a helper. I know he will use it well.

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