Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shoe shopping and dog slopping

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. Tax free weekend sounds really good on paper...or if you are going to buy a computer. Really though, I think it is kind of like the Truman Show and we are all in some sort of huge bubble with scientists observing us shoved in malls and big box stores trying to save $1.00 in tax on school supplies. Because I am an antisocial mom, the children and I went today to buy their back to school shoes. They have been requesting Vans since June and I refused to buy any until right before the start of school. G's foot, as an almost fifth grader, is about a siz and a half from catching up with me. She is officially the same shoe size as my mother. Wow. The boy got superhero shoes again and the girls got fancy colored ones. I took a tiny bit of time to drool over products at Williams-Sonoma:

A home canning system. It is so pretty...and $300. Keep dreaming.

After shoe shopping, we came home to change clothes and put our new goodies away. The dog has been a bit rowdy the past few days since we have not gone to the dog park, so we decided to get a little visit in there before dinner time. A sweet lab puppy came in to visit the water park area and so, after much begging from the family, we took her in there. She got in the water, but only deep enough to try and take the ball away from the poor puppy who had retrieved it. Needless to say, she got put in doggie time out for that and we made her leave the park. The other owners were fine, but we weren't having poor etiquette. No sir.

The kids are currently watching a magic show and soaking up the last tv they get during the week once school starts. I'll let them. It is all about magic tricks. Whatever keeps them entertained and not having a smackdown. Night all.
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