Monday, August 25, 2014

My dog is a southpaw

The dog has had a rough day, pardon the pun, and was in a fair amount of trouble. She chewed her walking harness to the point of being useless. She tried to get up on our dinner table...again. She kept eating hickory nuts and baby tomatoes outside. She tried to get some bean soup off of the counter. She's been busy. The hub has been battling a horrible headache all day and had exactly ZERO patience with the chocolate canine bandit today. He put her in her crate and went upstairs to bed. S and I felt kind of sorry for her, so we got her out to wear her out. She immediately went to get her Kong, her favorite toy, and got crazy. It turns into the cycle of pull it out of her mouth, make her sit, lay down, leave it and then throw it and she catches it. Every now and then, S will shake it up a bit and make her shake or "paw". Every time we ask her for her paw, the left one comes up. S kept saying "other paw" and taking her other one. No moatter how it was said, the left one kept coming up. I wonder if a dog can in fact be paw dominant. These are the things I ponder when I am avoiding doing laundry...or anything else productive. Think on it, friends.

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