Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Okay, the kids need school soon

The tolerance factor between siblings has reached an all-time low this evening. I honestly am shocked that we haven't gotten calls from the neighbors. Stick a fork in them...they are done. Time and the close of summer have a way of making the dread of school turn to somewhat pleasant anticipation just in the nick of time. They miss their friends...they had a less than great summer...I'm making them clean more than usual. Oh the humanity. But, the two family surgeries were successful...the kids got to have special times away at camp and with family...they got a new kitchen/breakfast room and bathroom. It wasn't all bad. We'll make this transition and move into a new school year(with me kicking and screaming).

In other news, I just pulled a member of my family out of a hole where a drawer had been removed in a dresser. Why this even occurred I cannot say, but it made for interesting conversation after it was all over and the Neosporin was applied.

With that being said, I need to go to bed and try to make sense of the past three hours. I live in a nut house. And I love it.

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