Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting ready to wait

Tomorrow the hub and I travel back west to see his two surgeons and find out how they think he is progressing. I am so very grateful for both of them and their expertise and work on my suffering husband. They gave him hope he hadn't felt in a long time. He is anxious to have a clearer timeline for his recovery and return to work.

I must admit that I dread the waiting part of the whole experience. WIth specialists you get long waits. Last time, we waited two and a half hours for one of them. While they had several magazines, the TV viewing was spotty at best. I am trying to figure out exactly what to take to occupy my time. I have downloaded the first season of The Goldbergs and a couple of my favorite movies. I am sure hoping that I can find a spare pair of earbuds...I sent mine with one of the kids who had them listed on their school supply list. The hub will play Sonic the Hedgehog or something like that on his phone. And all this will be for doctor number one. Let me say again, I am so very grateful for their expertise and confidence in not only their abilities, but also in my husband's prognosis. It makes a huge difference.

We'll give you an update and I will probably be bored tweeting the whole event. I'm a party animal that way. Night all.

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