Sunday, August 3, 2014

One week left

School starts a week from tomorrow and, frankly, I would be fine to throw up thinking about it. But why waste time doing that when I can instead pack every bit of summer fun into that last week that I can for my kidlets. Tonight, call me horrible mother of the year, I took the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes it is PG-13 and yes it had a lot of off color humor and words and violence. Yes I scoured every parent site on the internet to find at what minute someone fired off a joke using a bad word or rude term. It was surpisingly touching and I cried more than once...maybe even more than twice. I must admit, it was excellent and the kids had a great time with the exception of the running foul mouthed commentary from the dipwads behind us. G learned more profanity from the lone girl in the group than she did from the film. My dirty looks and whispering, "Come on!" only seeemed to fuel her fire, so I stopped. Either way, we made a memory and watched a raccoon and a tree man make us cry. What else does one need in life on a Sunday evening?

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