Saturday, August 2, 2014

All the heartbeats are back

Our family is complete again tonight. The fun vacation hass come to an end and the return to reality is complete...with the exception of the cruel reality of the start of school. That'll be soon enough. The children had a good time and learned some fun things. They did a lot of cooking and scooter riding. They did a lot of paleontology studying and dinosaur fact learning. They got a lot of training in cake decorating. G showed off her skills to me today with my decorating tools and some icing from Sugarbakers:

Good golly...better than I can do for sure. I think she is pretty darn proud of herself and she should be. The boy was extremely happy to be reunited with his family, but most of all...his dog:

Nothing like a shared cup full of crushed ice to help one bond with their insane dog.

We got a special treat this evening. Our favorite college bound drummer girl, and her mom and dad, were kind and merciful and brought us our dinner for tomorrow. The family rejoiced because it will be a meal that has been prepared by a fully rested person, not a frazzled caretaker with questionable judgement and reasoning skills at this point. We are so very humbled by the kindness of friends and family during both S and the hub's surgeries. I wish we could adequately thank them all. We are so very grateful.

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