Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Consignment rut

Tis the season for yet another consignment sale. I cannot get motivated. I feel that the sale I choose to participate in is really the best and most reasonable one around. They have a good group of girls(and guys)working and they aren't so incredibly huge that clothes get lost on racks and smashed to bits. I have just one big problem. Motivation. I have everything on hangers ready and waiting to go. I just need to enter each item into the computer and assign it an amount. This is an assignment that I equate with a special type of torture. I want to make some money so I can take the kids to movies and special events without dipping into savings or already assigned monies. The hub is an excellent data entry man and can enter much faster than my brain can come up with ideas. Thanks to my sainted friend Margaret, I have a tagging gun that is the most wonderful invention for consignment people that has ever come down the pike. It has saved my fingertips, my sanity and my children's ears from profanity.

I'll get it done. I just may not sleep anytime soon. It's all good.

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