Monday, August 4, 2014

Strange things to say

It has been an okay day, nothing much going on that is of any interest. We had another thoughtful meal brought to us tonight. So very grateful for the generosity and culinary gifts of others. Before we ate, the children and I went to the funeral home for a receiving of friends. This is not their first time there and they know how people are supposed to dress when going there. So color me surprised when I found my self yelling to one of the girls, "I don't think it is appropriate to wear a miniskirt to the funeral home." SO the wardrobe got changed to a more appropriate length and we went to pay our respects. Please don't take these comments as disrespectful. It was what it was. After we got out and got into the car, the boy whispered to me, "I looked in the box. Okay, I confess...I looked in the box twice. She looked nice." This opened up a conversation that was awkward and dotted with tears. Why it isn't called a box...can you touch them...why do they look different...why do some choose a box and some a jar...why did our Granny not look like herself...and many, many more questions. They were all good and I answered as best I could. Ultimately we decided that it was a personal choice and our job was to go and tell the family that we loved them and were sorry for their loss and that we would help them in any way we could. The hugs were a little tighter and the kisses a little sweeter this evening. Our prayers are with our friends and our hopes are that the memories of their loved one will soothe their sad hearts.

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