Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soccer musings

I've been sitting here at soccer practice since 5:30. My brain is jell-o. These get up at six mornings are for the birds, but I guess we better get used to them. The sweat bees are feasting on my ankles and the sun is starting to blind me thanks to the fact that my idiot self forgot sunglasses today. G has made a good showing and F did during his time. That kid gives 150% even if he's doing it wong or not on the winning team. They are fun to watch.

The hub took his first turn behind the wheel since July 21st at 9am CST. He had gone 36 hours without pain meds and was ready to make a go of it. He did fine and I only white knuckled it a little bit. One way was enough and he requested a chaffeur on the way home. That was fine by me.

Practice is over and all the heartbeats are in bed. Yeah, I'm sleepy, but in the grand scheme of things, I can't complain. Pretty lucky girl.

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