Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The tiler is coming!

One of the last steps to our remodel is happening tomorrow. The tiler, one of our favorite guys, is coming to do the backsplash in the kitchen. Yay! I am so very thankful that we are almost to the end of this journey. It has been a roller coaster. Old homes are always a surprise waiting to happen and ours has been no exception. But no matter what, I am grateful to have a home. I worked with a lady this evening who has several children and is on the verge of losing her place to live. I worry for and about her. Our house may have had wads of newspaper from 1983 wadded up and stuffed in the walls for filler when the kitchen had its first remodel, but at least it has a kitchen and it is ours. We are blessed and I pray this sweet little family finds their own home sweet home and piece of mind very soon.

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