Saturday, August 9, 2014

Change of plans

So today was supposed to be a day spent with my sweet G in Morristown at a soccer tournament. SInce it was postponed yesterday after a less than ideal weather forecast, we had an unexpected free day. I was slightly glad since we all know my children and their history with soccer related injuries. It is always nice to go to one's first day of school concussion or cold free. Just sayin'. She took it well, though disappointed that she could not show her new teammates her goalkeeping abilities. I am more than glad for her to have a few more practices under her belt. As we were waking up this morning, she did come in with her favorite soccer ball practicing her foot skills. You never know what you'll find going on over here. In general, the children had a whole lot of energy and not a whole lot of outlets in which to drain said energy. Outside the weather was pretty nice, overcast and cool...perfect soccer weather...but neighbors were emptying contents of their home into a construction dumpster and, because of a less than amicable relationship between the aforementioned neighbors and other neighbors, we felt it best to stay out of everyone's way. Give them their space and quiet. So when children are stuck inside with a mom who is trying to clean and take care of a recovering daddy and write thank yous and sew sock bunnies for a November sale, things happen. Wrestling matches that they promise are fun and friendly, turn ugly and into clinically long family counseling sessions starting when one of them rang the doorbell to tell me they were running away. Sigh. Sessions that start with, "She told me to put her in a headlock..." and two seconds later lead inexplicably into, "Susannah brought the pie for dad's back and (insert sibling here) had no right to sneak it for breakfast before I got a taste of it!". The pie in question, was in kind of an out of this world category, and I could see how a wrestling match could get serious because of it. After most of the grievances were aired and hugs and handshakes were over, the boy and I took a trip to the grocery store to restock essentials: milk, coffee creamer and lunch meat. Whilst there, we ran into one of the pie makers and mercifully were given an in-Kroger tutorial on how to make the delicacy and hopefully be the peace pie(pe) that would heal the wounded wrestlers damaged psyches. The pie is currently made but in the firming up process:

Let us pray that it will be close enough to the original. EIther way, they get the treat of pie on a non-dessert night...they better get over whatever the wrestling match made wrong. Either that or the hub and I'll have it for breakfast. Then they can work it out in therapy when they are adults. Mother of the year out.
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