Friday, August 19, 2016

New life

As much as I'd like to post a picture, I won't.  I have a new GREAT niece as of this evenng.  All my nieces are great, this is my second great niece which is kind of weird to think.  I'm way too young, right?  She had an exciting entry into this wonderful world of in the car.  How's that for an appearance?  Everyone is doing fine and I'm sure mom is happy to have her sweet bundle on the outside.  We learned all of the exciting details while sitting at the first high school football game.  It was away at our dear friend's school he "principals" at and so we decided to go and watch the band.  They did a nice job, I think, even though they were playing to the opposite side of the field.  We left shortly after as the psycho with a cow bell was banging it right by my child's ear.  I needed Christopher Walken to turn the cowbell down.  

I am going to rest my ears now.  Jeepers!  

Night all.

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