Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beautiful Game

It was yet another soccer Saturday for our family. This time, G had a jamboree to start out the middle school team season. They played some interesting teams and played awfully hard. Most of the time these days, G is in goal. Some because they don't really have others with the training she has had, but some because she is really good at it. With one team, her coach(the hub)let her out in the field to play. She was so excited, she couldn't stand it. This time, it paid off for her. She got two goals and the team won. I was pretty proud, not gonna lie. There may be a day here soon where she doesn't want to play anymore and I will be fine with that. But boy do I love to watch her play. She is pretty fun to watch.

Now I am going to go find the strongest pain meds we have in the house and pray I can fight off my sinus pain and earache. Ugh....

Night all.

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