Thursday, August 25, 2016

Open House

I had the pleasure of going to the middle school open house for my child's grade tonight. I'm ashamed to say that I have never gone to a single open house at the middle school...and I have a sophomore in high school. The hub has always been the open house/talk to the teacher guy. WIth three, we have to divide and conquer. So I got to have the "go and look for my kid's classes" experience tonight. I hated middle school when I was in it...and I really felt no different tonight. With the exception of one, I really enjoyed her teachers. I felt very bad for her science teacher who laid it out for all of us that she was very concerned about the behavior of some in her class. Luckily my child was not one of the behavior problems. I didn't think she was. It was disturbing to me that a teacher was so disturbed by classroom behavior that she was encouraging us to call the administration if our children complained. She has lost sleep and shed tears over the class. So terribly sad. And it certainly is not an environment conducive for those who want to learn to learn. It was an enlightening experience for sure.

Now I am watching my new favorite show, "Better Late Than Never". I haven't laughter that hard in a while.

Night all.
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