Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reality check

I feel very fortunate that I have children who really don't ask for a whole lot. They have lots of friends who are very privileged and get to go lots of fancy places and have lots of very nice things. And there is nothing wrong with that and they are great kids. I don't begrudge anyone's choices for spending their money. We are not hurting...don't get me wrong. We just do not have the means to take elaborate vacations every year plus during the holidays...and that is okay. So our vacation last week was truly a treat and a gift. During the course of the vacation the kids were talking to my parents, at seperate times, about vacations when they were young. They were kind of taken aback to find out that my parents never went on a vacation growing up. They both grew up in humble homes and every penny was saved and used in the most practical and responsible way. My mom said they would have picnics and my Granny would make breakfast for dinner on the campfire. My dad spoke of getting a backpack with sandwiches and a few other things and go into the woods with his friends for several days. The kids were really surprised and quite a bit more sad than I thought they would be. My parents did not feel cheated by their lack of travel and vacations during their youth. They are not bitter. These discussions meant a lot to the kids and really put things into perspective. It made them that much more grateful for the week. Made me more grateful too. I forget sometimes and always need a healthy reminder.

Night all.

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