Monday, August 22, 2016

Cubs will be Cubs

I took the boy to his Cub Scout den meeting tonight while the hub went to a meeting to hear about a band trip that we will never be able to afford to send our oldest on and still feed and clothe our family. The boys had obviously not gotten enough exercise today. It was pure insanity. One boy sniffed every five seconds without fail. And when I say sniff, I do not mean a little sniff to catch a runny nose. It was the kind of sniff you imagine would have been heard during some of the scenes in "Scarface". Whether he was sniffing or not, he was also doing a slow, low moan and chewing his fingers until they were bloody. While he was doing this, one child wrapped his arms around my son's neck and wouldn't let go...for anything. When F finally broke the boy's hold, he said, "What? Are you too good for hugs?" Another discussed the merits of "poop pizza" for the entirety of the meeting while another talked about what different blades on his knife would do when stabbed into his fellow scouts' bellies. My boy sat there looking shell shocked; he was scared to death that I would throttle him if he acted like the others. All the other parents had stepped down the hall for child personal safety training. Since I had already had it, I was charged with staying in the room with the leader. No words do I have. By the conclusion of the meeting, the bloody finger nailed-sniffing-moaning boy was wiping blood on the table top while the others were singing "Do You Know the Muffin Man" as part of their camp songs requirements. Ever seen "Easy Rider " and at the end you feel like ou might have understood it so much better had you been under the influence of something but you didn't want to be a drug taker? Yeah, this was the same feeling.

Night all.

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