Saturday, August 27, 2016

Soccerless Saturday

I slept in this morning and it was wonderful. We had a soccerless Saturday. I enjoyed it quite a bit...not gonna lie. We got some cleaning done and some cooking done and some napping done. The hub got some building done and the kids got some room straightening done.

My friend ME called today from the ER to tell me that her middle child had been hurt in his soccer game. In the first three minutes of play, someone tripped him and he broke the two lower bones in his leg in two different places each. They were currently attempting to set his leg as she was chatting with me. SHe was a bit annoyed at his coach, who didn't seem to feel the need to check on him as he lay in a heap in the middle of the field. His brother, dad and a fireman parent carried him off as the coach stood on the sideline doing nothing. I would not react well to that kind of business. When she texted later, he had a good bit of pain meds in him and was craving a Big Mac. There you go. Poor kid.

I'm going to go wash the day off and ready myself for work tomorrow. The last three Sundays have been too lively, so I am praying for a boring morning.

Night all.

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