Monday, August 29, 2016

Pray without ceasing

I usually try to eliminate names, because I want to protect people and their privacy and it just makes things more fun to try and come up with initials or nicknames. Tonight, I am asking you to pray for my friend by name. Her name is Erin and she needs a miracle. I have discussed her recent diagnosis of a cancerous brain tumor that just came out of the blue. Today we found out that her brain is swelling due to an infection that is caused by the cancer. They have her on steroids to try and reduce the swelling. If they can reduce the swelling, they will use an intense form of radiation to combat the tumor. She is very serious. She and the doctors and her parents need prayer. We just don't want her to suffer. Pray for her and add her to any prayer list you know of, please.

Thanks. Night all.

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