Sunday, August 28, 2016

Build a bear in my basement

This afternoon, after a stressful work morning, I decided to descend into the dungeon(basement) to cut out bears. A friend has entrusted me with two family quilts in hopes that I will make a few for her children. When the inevitable happens and the maker of said quilt goes to meet their great reward, the children will have something tangible to hold onto when they need a little extra security. I have all of them cut out but the torso on one. Then the sewing will begin. The other day, G and I were listening to a comedian talking about what a disappointment Build a Bear was to him. My kids have always enjoyed it, but it has been a tough dollar to spend when I make them myself. The comedian said he wanted to build an actual bear with black bear legs, a polar bear body, grizzly arms and a panda bear face. It was very funny and true. Even G got tickled when usually she rolls her eyes at the things I think are funny. That is a middle schooler's job. I sneak a funny in there now and again. So tomorrow will consist of torso building and then sewing up the pieces parts and stuffing them. Construction will come later.

I'm going to go watch a few minutes of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Nothing makes me laugh harder.

Night all.

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