Monday, August 8, 2016

First Day Funnies

The first day of school was today and, thankfully, it was a half day. The boy didn't need me to walk him to his class today. "Let the worried moms and dads have that space in the hallway...I'll be fine." I love that boy. The girls had decent days, I think. They are not quite as forthcoming with information, but that is to be somewhat expected from this age.

Me: Do you have friends in your classes with you?
G: Yes, Mom.
Me: Well, who?
G: Mom. You know. "John" and "Sandy" and "Joe"
(Names have been changed to protect the innocent...ha.)
Me: "Joe"? I don't know him. Who is he? What does he look like.
G: Oh, Mom. You know...he was my friend last year.
Me: I don't recognize the name. What does he look like?
G: You know. He has blonde hair...and...and a face...and legs...okay?
Me: Yeah. Thanks for that accurate description. The police would have no problem finding the perpetrator with a sketch made from your description:

Come on, kid.

They are growing up too sat and I cannot believe time has flown as fast as it has. The hub and I will just hold on enjoy their wild and crazy ride.

Night all.

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