Monday, August 1, 2016

School shopping ugh

We were at the mall at exactly 9:48am to start the clothes shopping process for the first day of school. A little bit of stress. Shoes here? No, my son wears a half size too big, so we have to go to the other store. Jeans for girls are really $50? Yeah, we're going somewhere else. Will you really wear a kimono? To school? A lot? So do a lot of your friends have these shoes that are $98.50? Let me give you an extra hug for not asking for a pair of them. I love you so much for that. We got out of the mall in two hours and no one got in a fight. There were several samples of bread and olive oil consumed at Williams-Sonoma and massage chair used out of anger and spite, but other than that...we were golden.

Then we all got home and took naps. True story.

Night all.

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