Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So tired there are tears

I have been fairly productive today, believe it or not. While I didn't get any laundry done, I got bathrooms cleaned and rooms straightened and vacuumed. It was a nice sense of accomplishment.

Tonight our church had a back to school event for the youth. Inflatables and bubble balls and dodgeball and pizza and friends. The evening was hot and fun, but tiring. My girls were exhausted with school already and then this activity put them over the sleepy top. I had two angry girls by the time I in tears. Relearning the school schedule and the work schedule and the relationships with friends you saw less frequently over the summer all hit at once and she just kind of hit her limit. I get it. I'm not in school, but the new routine is killing me. She was also just so emotional and grateful for her her best buddy...he's like a brother to her. They have been two peas in a pod since they were in diapers. It is funny what makes us cry.

Night all.

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