Saturday, August 6, 2016

First soccer Saturday of Fall

The start of the fall soccer season started today...could it have been any hotter? Well, yes, it could have for sure. G and the boy each had two games; each had a win and a loss. Both of them looked like limp rags by the time it was all over. They played hard and fought hard. The parents had a good time visiting and laughing and talking about starting our own food truck with specialty beverages to take to the field. We talked about special tents and stadium seating we could pull in via trailer to make us all more comfy. We're big idea people when sitting on the sidelines roasting for our children.

The men of the family are watching the Olympics and the girls are watching "Stranger Things" for me. They are enjoying it. Makes a momma proud.

I'll be hitting the hay soon, friends, so...

Night all.

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