Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hoppin' Night

Our church had a sock hop tonight to kick off our Wednesday night programming. It is always a whole lot of fun and we have a good group of all ages. As with last year, we had some seniors who have a group who dance period dances in period outfits. They never disappoint. The cutest things you ever did see. The children had a great time as well. I started off serving sliders, hot dogs and fries and then graduated to soda jerk. I think I still have lots of ice cream on me from making sundaes and floats. It was a blast! The boy decided to get some gel and slick back his hair. I had to send him back to fix it as he did not achieve greaser, but rather:

Little old man combover guy. It got fixed really fast. That kid.

I'm gonna scoop myself up and go to bed.

Night all.
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